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Los Angeles, CA – ATR Resolutions’ innovative 3-step system, lets you easily and efficiently design and install beautifully tiled floors and walls, inside and out. No special tools are required. The ATR system is safe, fast and easy. While other leveling systems use clips and wedges the unique ATR Tile Leveling Alignment System features a reusable screw-in spindle, giving the user greater control and flexibility. You can fine tune and if required, reverse supporting tension and achieve fantastic, professional results.
ATR’s product range includes the CROSS spacing plate (where 4 tiles are adjacent to each other), the EDGE spacing plate (where 2 tiles are adjacent to each other), T spacing plate (for use on brick pattern or offset installations, and the reusable SPINDLE which is universal for use with all our spacing plates and can be used on tiles of thicknesses from 6mm to 18mm.
The spacing plate and spindle hold the tile in position, creating precise intersections and perfect lines. Turn spindle clockwise until tiles are aligned and flush. Remove spindle when adhesive is dry. The spindle is universal. This means it fits all of our spacing plates. It removes cleanly and easily. Simply unscrew by hand or back them off using a cordless drill – No force, no kicking, no overclicking. No risk of fragmenting tiles or leaving any u n w a n t e d obstructions behind. The process is clean, simple and efficient. The spindles are reusable on your next job.


• All-in-one spacer and leveling system
• Creates a lippage free surface
• Keeps tiles in place while drying
• Professional finish every time
• Very simple and easy to use
• Great labour saving 4 to 1 ratio*
• Suitable for floors and walls
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses
• Spindle removes cleanly and easily without force applied
• Spindles are reusable
• Australian design and made
* You only need 1 cross spacing plate for 4 tiles. Other tiling systems require 4 clips per 1 tile.

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More info: Tel 323 402 0096

Article publish in The International Surfaces Event (TISE) Show-Shoppers magazine Pg 11 (January 20-22, 2016)


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